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CT Staff: Still Travellin

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Dear CT Readers: We apologize for the meager production of new content recently. But as most of you know by now, we have two huge problems: we have a small staff (Lael, the Urbanologist, the Alpha), and we also have a travel addiction.

We just wanted to let you all know that we’re alive. We’re just out of the office, away from our desk, not checking email, voice mail, or any of your notes. We’re traveling, and we hope you understand.

One of our founding mottos at the CT is:

“Travel erste, schreiben später”
What that means, for you non-German speakers, is Travel first, write later.
We’re on the road now, but we promise, we will schreiben später.
In the meantime, the CT would like to offer its condolences to Heidi Olson, one of the original members of the CT community, and a longtime benefactor, both emotionally and financially. Olson, while traveling with Max Grinnell, The Urbanologist in the suburbs of Minneapolis, learned of the passing of her beloved pet, Roborvski. We post the unabridged obituary.
Cottage Grove, MN
Roborovski hamster Edgewater (Edgy) Olson-Grinnell was buried this morning in a small service, that only his caretaker and lifelong guardian, Heidi Olson-Grinnell, attended. He suffered from arthritic hips and flaky skin, but ultimately died of old age. He was 2.5. He was buried in a secluded corner of the Jeanne and John Franklin Mongolian Rodent Memorial Garden. A broken Weber grill was demolished to dig the highly coveted burial spot. As a lifelong Chicago resident, it was a surprise to the community that Edgy was buried in a suburb of St. Paul, to which he presumably had no connection. Edgy is survived by his brother Jot Fitzgerald Olson-Grinnell, PhD, as well as by his two non-Roborovski cousins, Rev. Drexel Aloysius Olson-Grinnell and Ogden “The Quiller” Olson-Grinnell. In lieu of flowers, please send memorials to AARGH, the Association of Arthritic Roborovski Geriatric Hamsters or to RUMFI, Roborovskis United of Mongolia for Independence.

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