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J. L. Schonwald, Editor & Chief Contrarian


When he’s not travelling, plotting a trip, reading National Geographic, or working as a freelance mine detonation specialist for Medecins Sans Frontieres, Josh Schonwald is a writer based in Miami. His stories have appeared in a wide-variety of publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post,, the Chicago Reader, Chicago magazine, and Direct Marketing News.

The winner of the 2004 John J. McLoy journalism fellowship from the American Council on Germany, Schonwald is currently conducting research for a book on the growth of stand-up comedy in post-war Germany.

Schonwald means “beautiful forest” in German.

Lael Powell-Rushing

Lael Powell-Rushing is, undeniably, one of the foremost experts in extreme car camping. A pioneer of the sport, Time Magazine has called Lael “one of the visionaries of 2005.”

A native of Essex, Connecticut, Powell-Rushing, the CT’s West Coast and Extreme Car Camping Editor, will head the CT’s new offices in Belgrade, Montana, later this Fall.

Perhaps best known for his path-breaking “Car Camping Nation,” Lael and his wife Sara are expecting their first child later this year. An accomplished Ultimate frisbee player, and a former Division III tennis player, Lael brings a uniquely German-Jewish sensibility to the CT. “He’s an orginal voice. Is it German? Is it Jewish? Is it eco? It’s hard to tell with his prose. You can’t really compare him to Edward Abbey, though some do.”

When he’s not car camping, prowling the Gallatin Valley for non-hallucinogenic psychedelic mushrooms with his wife, or washing his pet pig, Lola, Lael is the lead singer in the Jewish rock/folk band, “Hannah Montana Schwartz.”

Max Grinnell, Senior Urbanologist

Max Grinnell is a native of Seattle who specializes in the historical geography of English Industrial cities of the early 1860s. His research on the growth of the mill economy urbanism of Blackpool, in 1861, won the presitigious Historical Geography Prize from the University of Essex, South Anglia. Max will be editing our new urbanist section and will be spearheading our coverage of central Wisconsin contrarian travel.

A former high school baseball player, who tried out for the University of Chicago baseball team in April of 1997, Grinnell will also supervise the CT’s Sports Department. His first piece about 16-inch softball in Chicago will run in early December.

Rob Jordan

The CT’s second hire, Jordan joined our team in the Fall of 2005 with a broad charge. Jordan is bot the Director of Metrosexual Travel, and the Editor of the CT’s East Asian coverage . In hiring Jordan, the CT became the first travel/lifestyle magazine to devote extensive coverage to the metrosexual market.

An accomplished writer, gardener, and amateur chef, with a passion for orchids and bromeliads, Jordan will edit “Metrosexual Week” from his base in Miami Beach. Rob will also spend several months each year from Bangkok, where he’ll develop our Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, and Myanmar coverage. In January of 2008, the CT aims to launch its first non-English edition, a print-edition in Lao, surviving the growing Hmong expatriate community in Ho Chi Minh City.

Lacy Rushwell

Lacy Rushwell, editor of Feminist and Trangendered and Ohio Valley travel, splits her time between Louisville and Cincinnati. Rushwell is best known for a series of popular guidebooks for transgendered travellers.

As Ohio Valley editor, Rushwell writes regularly about the architecture, flora, fauna, food, and art of the Ohio Valley, one of the country’s best kept secrets for contrarian travel. The area, which spans Western Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio, Indiana, is one of the least visited areas in the Midwest.

Rushwell is also the CT’s in-house expert on transgender travel. This winter, she’ll travel through Latin America, undercover, as a transgendered American and will recount her experiences exclusively on the CT.