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How to Avoid the World’s Worst Tourist Traps? The Unabridged Answers!

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Perhaps you, like many CT readers, spotted Chris Colin’s excellent piece in MSNBC on October 18 “How to Avoid the World’s Worst Tourist Traps,” which explored some valuable ways of sidestepping the touristic madness to get an authentic experience.

Well, as the CT told Colin, that’s basically our rationale for being, and our messianic mission: to help you avoid visiting places that “drain you emotionally and financially, and leave you with an existential feeling: ‘Why did I do this?’

Easier said than DONE!

OK.. Well, in response to the hunger for more, we’ll email you the nitty gritty, the real unabridged thing. The CT’s Unabridged Top 10 Tips to Avoid the Hordes. This is basic stuff for most Contrarian Travellers, but hell, it’s always best to go back to the fundmentals.

Here are two examples.

1. Before you dare go to Europe…. know the Bus Routes - yep. As we told MSNBC, it’s CT 101. In the CT’s TOP TEN, we’ll tell you precisely how a tourist bus route can re-route, for instance, your entire Parisian experience.
2. Know the Cruise Routes. Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Carnival. Those are the three most frightening words for any Contrarian Traveller. And it doesn’t just apply to the Caribbean, all Contrarian’s need to know where the Enemy Lies.

We’ll also tell you what the Single Greatest Enemy for any Contrarian

If you’ve read the CT, you’ll surely know.. They’re small, cute, seemingly harmless, but they will drive any CTraveller to a state of near clinical depression.

We’ll tell you the Single Greatest Opportunity for any Contrarian. Like a shrewd investor, a smart Contrarian Traveller needs to spot a Bull Market too.

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