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New Feature! The Daily Contrarian

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Come on all of you Contrarians out there! It’s time for the Daily Contrarian Quiz:

Every day, the Alpha Contrarian or Extreme Car Camping Guru, Lael, will pose a vexing geographical question… Our Inaugural question, is a photo question, and it comes from Lael..

Question: What is the name of this rarely visited, major North American city? The first person to guess the correct answer will win an authentic, signed Contrarian Manifesto.


One Response to “New Feature! The Daily Contrarian”

  1. Josh Says:

    Lael — This is a very hazy picture. Very difficult to make sense of this. Not really up to CT standards. But we don’t have a lot of content up there. So we run with it.

    I apologize to contrarians out there who don’t have the ability to drop this picture in a magnifier…

    That said… I believe that what we’re looking at here is a town in Mexico. Perhaps Guadalajara? OR maybe it’s that other town, which Lael and Rushwell visited earlier this year?

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