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NY Times - Occassionally Contrarian

Friday, July 27th, 2007

It’s counter-intuitive, it’s illogical. How could the mainstream of the mainstream, the New York Yankees of the media world, provide contrarian travelers with useful information? I mean, isn’t it inherently impossible for anything in the NYT to be contrarian?

Yes, as soon as it appears in the Times, whether its Escapes or Sunday Travel, you can eliminate that place from Contrarian Status. Here is an example of how the Times is getting creative. Here is Mormon travel in the New York Times.

NOTE TO READERS: Until we get some meaningful contributions from our staffers, we’re going to have to give you some media criticism. Our staff has been ravaged by an epidemic of pregnancies. Rushwell is out. Lael is slowing down. Jordan is potentially in the first trimester. We’re hiring a new guy with the specific admonishment: no babies for a year.

The Urbanologist is still working on his TOP 5 Contraia in Pike Place Market. We wait with baited breath. Also, Alpha Contrarian is planning to tour Kansas later this month for a special feature on the best of Kansas’s topography. Remember: He is the author of the cult favorite “The 7 Glacial Wonders of Wisconsin.”

more later.

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