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No more messing around, lollygagging

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

OK. A lot of things have been happening lately that have disrupted the progress of the Contrarian Traveller. Nothing has been more destructive to the CT than the CT’s own deluded, clouded, vision of what it is supposed to. The navel gazing and soul searching must stop. A state of ennui has morphed into near-paralysis, crippling the staff. From this point forward, the staff will pursue a new editorial strategy: no editing.

We do not have time. We will post misspelled drivel, we will write things that have only the faintest relationship to travel. But we will post, early and often.

My first thought is this: The CT is very interested in Bangladesh right now.

After watching The Namesake (the Mira Nair movie) that featured a sweaty, energetic Calcutta, after reading a Pico Iyer essay about Calcutta, after increasingly wondering about Bengalis, the CT has found itself daydreaming about Dacca.

more on this later.

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